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    Nested Grid jumping to first expansion on adding header span


    I have added header span in my nested grid. if we expand some row, it works fine for the first expansion. For second expansion, it always first jumps to display first expanded row in the viewport. This happens only I have added a header span in the nested grid. if I remove header span it works perfectly fine. Is there some issue in using header span in the nested grid.

    We are using Smartgwt power version 12.1-p20210219
    Last edited by paggarwal; 27 Aug 2021, 03:35.

    Hi paggarwal, we will need a way to reproduce the problem. If it is caused by headerSpans and expansion components, you should be able to quickly combine two samples to reproduce the problem (this didn’t create such a problem for us).


      Attaching the sample code. I was able to replicate it. Please expand the first row and then a row which makes the first expansion not visible in the viewport (like 50th or above row).
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        Any update on the issue.