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    MultiAutoChild Example

    May I get a sample of MultiAutoChild to handle the parent components behaviour how it works.I have used autoChild but in case MultiAutoChild I am unable to get the component to control behaviour

    There is no general purpose way to retrieve a MultiAutoChild as there is with singular AutoChildren. A specific component may provide component-specific APIs for retrieving MultiAutoChildren - you'd have to ask about the specific component.

    In the case of both normal AutoChildren and MultiAutoChildren, there is usually not a need to retrieve the live component since you can configure it via properties (setAutoChildProperties()).

    Note that the documentation actively discourages live access of AutoChildren as this usually indicates you are about to do something that may break in the future (relying on undocumented behavior).

    If you need more help, ask about the specific thing you are trying to achieve - what is the result you need, from the end user's perspective? Very often, people trying to deeply configure AutoChildren have missed simpler (and supported!) approaches.