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    Calendar: Is it possible to setup event for drag reposition?

    Good day,

    In the Calendar there are methods for adjusting the behavior of drag repositioning events:

    I could not find a reposition start handler (addEventRepositionStartHandler) that allows setting up the event for dragging, while I did hope to find one since such an handler is available in the Canvas class.
    Is there a way to adjust the event before the dragging starts? (I noticed that modifying the event in the reposition move handler does not have any effect on the drag).

    My use case is the following:
    The duration of an event is calculated based on where it is dropped, so it would be necessary for the user to be able to drop it anywhere.
    But for the day and week views it is not possible to drag part of an event past the end of the day.
    Since when the drag starts the duration of the event can be several hours this poses an issue.
    I was hoping to be able to adjust the duration of the event in a reposition start handler to a small fixed duration.
    Then the user can drop the event anywhere and in the reposition stop handler the actual duration is calculated based on the context (will never exceed day boundaries).

    Using SmartGWT Version: v12.1p_2021-06-09/LGPL Development Only

    Best regards!