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    Backspace not working when user moves from one RichTextEditor to another RichtextEditor via Tab or click while the saveData call is applied in the blurbHandler of first RichTextEditor

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ID:	2666491) Suppose that there are two richTextEditor inside one form and saveData is being called in each blurbHandler of the richTextEditor
    2)we write something in the first richTextEditor and then we press Tab or click inside the next richTextEditor, It will take us towards the next Tab while the saveData of the form is called from the blurb Handler of the first richTextEditor.
    3) Then in next richTextEditor it will allow us to enter or write something but will remove the backspace until we click it one more time.
    Why this is happening?
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    We would need to see a test case to understand how this is happening (and you've omitted other required details like product, version, browser(s) affected), but as a quick guess, when you call saveData(), the default is to block interactivity during the save (see rpcRequest.showPrompt), so, keystrokes could be lost during the save, and browser bugs regarding focus handling might be triggered (there are a lot of browser bugs regarding focus handling, and a lot of browser bugs regarding rich text editing as well).


      After the saveData() query is executed, still the backspace is not working till we click it one more time and the version i am using is 12.1-p20210219 and the browser is chrome .


        Ok, sorry the guess we offered did not work. At this point, to look further, we need a way to reproduce the problem: take a look at the Debugging topic in the SmartGWT Javadoc to see how you can put together a test case we can run on our end.

        As soon as we can actually see the problem, we can solve it! And there is good advice there on how to put your code together so we can see the problem you’re seeing.