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    Warnings in console when using form with "top" title orientation

    Hi Isomorphic ,

    I'm seeing the following warnings in the SmartGWT Developer Console when setting title orientation to "top" on the form.

    15:54:17.051:XRP9[E0]:WARN:sizing:isc_TextItem_29[name]:getVisibleWidth() unable to determine width - returning zero
    15:54:17.051:XRP9[E0]:WARN:Canvas:isc_measureContentCanvas:can't resize to width: 0; clamping to 1 [enable 'sizing' log for stack trace]
    This was also reported for SmartClient here.

    I'm using SmartClient Version: v12.1p_2021-12-02/Pro Deployment (built 2021-12-02).


    I'm not sure if it's related, but displaying a form with top title orientation is much slower than with left/right title orientation.


      This does appear to be effectively the same issue as in the linked thread. We are aware of it and work is in progress to get it resolved.
      We'll follow up when we have a fix.

      Fair warning: it is a somewhat involved issue and we are currently also extremely busy preparing for the 13.0 release so this may take a little longer than usual to complete. Our understanding is that this should not be a blocking bug for you but please let us know if it has any user-visible impact other than the form in question being slower to render.

      Thanks and Regards
      Isomorphic Software



        Thanks for the update.

        The forms eventually display fine, but we're seeing some of our larger forms taking a long time to render (> 10 seconds in some cases). The same forms render in a fraction of the time using left title orientation.

        It's currently not a blocker per se, but please consider it high priority as we will be using top title orientation moving forward.



          Hi Stonebranch
          A quick update: The warnings should now be removed with the most recent nightly builds.
          The performance impact is under investigation - we'll follow up when we have more information for you

          Isomorphic Software


            Thanks. I updated to the latest build and verified that the warnings are gone.


              Hi Isomorphic ,

              Do you have an update on the performance impact using "top" title orientation?

              It's becoming a bit of an issue for us now since users are reporting it taking too long to render in some cases.



                Apologies, changes were made for this but didn't make it into the builds. We'll make sure it's in for tomorrow's builds.