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    This issue has been sitting for a while but has now been addressed - you can try out the fix as of today's builds, dated February 24 and later.

    Your use-case (keepParentsOnFilter with implicitCriteria which is the PK of a specific record) is a bit unusual, so please do let us know if spot any other trickiness like this.

    Note that we're investigating a separate possible issue with the use of setTreeRootValue() in this use-case - for now, you'll need to remove your call to that method to see things work as you expect.
    Last edited by Isomorphic; 27 Feb 2023, 01:34.


      A quick follow-up about using setTreeRootValue() - the method is designed to allow a TreeGrid to show a subset of data, and using it with keepParentsOnFilter requires fetchMode "paged" and custom server code on your part, which responds to the presence of keepParentsOnFilter in the DSRequest to return all the proper parent nodes.

      So, rootValue/treeRootValue are basically invalid in your use-case, where keepParentsOnFilter is set and the fetchMode is effectively "local".


        Hi Isomorphic and thank you for the follow up. Actually we do not even need the setTreeRootValue() and probably remained there because we created this test case from an old one...

        I have removed the usage of setTreeRootValue() and tested with v13.0p_2023-03-02/LGPL Development Only (built 2023-03-02). The result is that now the TreeGrid remains empty no matter what I select within the SelectItem.


          You no longer need the call to fetchData() in your changed event - the call to setImplicitCriteria() causes the fetch.


            Sorry about the fetch call. I confirm that the problem is fixed. Thank you very much!