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    Validation failing on one ListGrid Row, does not allow other rows editing to save


    I am using smartgwt version 13.0-p20220418

    We have validation on one of the fields in SQL Datasource. This Datasource(ds.xml) is bound to a ListGrid. When the validation fails in one of the rows being edited and the user tries to edit the second row, the update call for second-row also fails to give a -10 error. If there is no validation error on the list grid, the update calls are successful.

    Is this the expected behavior of the list grid? Is there any workaround for this? I want other rows updates to happen successfully, even if validation fails on one of the rows of the grid.

    That status indicates the transaction failed, which rolls back all changes together. If you don’t want this, turn off transactions for this particular request or DataSource (see TransactionPolicy).


      Thanks, this helped