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    TreeGrid view state incompatibility 13.0 & 12.1 : "hilite":"[No Hilites]"

    In porting to smartGWT 13.0 from 12.1 I had an issue where an exception caused a TreeGrid to be drawn in the upper left rather then placed in it's layout. The cause was saving a 13.0 version of the viewstate and using it with currently deployed 12.1 software. I noticed 3 new TreeGrid viewstate keys that were added in 13.o, where the hilite key was the root cause. If able, it would be nice to see the 13.0 viewstate being compatible with 12.1.

    new keys:
    "sort":"[No Sorting]", "hilite":"[No Hilites]", "group":"[No Grouping]", "showFilterEditor":false

    Note: our implementation does some view state converting between String, map, and javascript object in the process of storing/retrieving from the DB so you may not see this with you save/restore API directly. The "[No Hilites]" string obviously would not convert well to an array, even if just to later be converted back to a string.


    You didn't mention which 12.1/13.0 builds you're using, but this is an issue that was addressed some time ago, and we see things working as expected in recent builds, for example in the SmartClient showcase here.

    Please retest with the latest builds of your versions from

    Note that the various strings like [No Hilites] are special tokens which cause setViewState() to clear any current state - that is, [No Hilites] will cause setViewState() to clear any hilites currently applied to the widget, even though the new state has no hilites of it's own to apply.
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