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    Omit Timeline fields from column picker

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I am setting the "timelineView" autochild in order to enable the column picker for the lane fields, however, the non-frozen fields (day of week, hour, etc) are also included in the picker. Is there a way to only show fields for the frozen area of the timelineView in the picker.

    I am using SmartClient Version: v12.1p_2023-01-08/Pro Deployment (built 2023-01-08).


    Unfortunately, this area isn't very public right now - there are APIs that would help, but they aren't public or aren't available as customizers in SGWT at the moment.

    You'd have to either loop over the fields after draw() and set field.canHide=false on all date-fields (which will prevent them from appearing in the Columns menu), or else install a headerClickHandler and show a custom menu.

    We'll make improvements for this in the coming days - while we;re in there, we may as well expose TimelineView so you can subclass it and avoid some of these issues going forward (although, not this particular issue!)
    Last edited by Isomorphic; 17 Jan 2023, 05:47.


      OK, thanks for looking into it.