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    Chrome, google maps and scrolling


    We have an app with some tabs, one of them is a Google Maps tab. Since v3.51 of Google Maps is served by default, we experience problems with mouse scrollwheel events in Chrome.

    If the user tries to scroll in a SmartGWT ListGrid, the mousewheel scroll no longer works. Scrolling with the scrollbar still works. This problem occurs in Chrome latest, not in FireFox. If we manually downgrade to v3.50 of google maps, scrolling works again. As I cannot seem to find any maps users with scrolling problems, I think there might be an interference between SmartGWT and google maps scrollwheel event handling here. Does anyone use this combination and experience this too? It does not matter if there is actually a map or not, loading the library from already breaks scrolling.

    regards, Iwan

    We've just added new maps demos in the latest Showcase and grid scrolling does not seem to be affected - please try it out yourself.

    You haven't mentioned what version or product you're using, but you might simply need to get the latest patches (from


      Just saw this, great stuff!!

      I've used GWT/branflake maps/my own code since 2010, so great to have built-in support. This coming to smartGWT as well? didn't find anything in the showcase. If I can remove at least some of all of my homegrown code It would be a win for me.