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    Need some tips on PDF export styling

    Hi guys, we're experimenting on restyling our PDF exports, perhaps using a separate skin, but I'm having a hard time getting comprehensive information. I've searched on pdf export and looked at the PDFExported page in the documentation, searched around on the forums. Couldn't find anything in the enterprise showcase.

    I tried putting a separate skin in a different directory in the root of the web app and setting it client-side with both
    requestProperties.setAttribute("skinName", "print");
    requestProperties.setAttribute("defaultSkinName", "print");
    But it doesn't seem to take.

    I looked around at the documentation but I couldn't find any place where all the values are listed (the documentation says explicitly it's "not exhaustive").

    There is a parameter that I have had since forever, "skin.myname.location", but I'm not sure exactly what this is used for? I haven't been able to find any reference to it, certainly not in the quickstart or documentation.

    Perhaps there is some obvious place that I've missed? What I would like help with is

    1. How do I set up separate styling for pdf? Is the printframecanvas/printframeurl at all involved?

    2. is there any documentation related to tips or what is possible to skin in the pdf?

    thanks in advance

    The docs for exportContent() and the server-side JavaDoc it references seem to cover all of your questions:

    Note also that the HTML sent to the server is print HTML:

    If you create a skin for PDF export and customized various styles, but didn't customize the print-specific styles, that would have no effect.


      Ah, that might have something to do with it. Will check.