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    This comment is very strange.

    Are you aware that this transition to Jakarta offers no functional benefit and the reason for it is Oracle’s losses in the courts?

    That’s what this is - this is not innovation and not the “latest and greatest”, this is just everyone going through a compatibility nightmare because of Oracle’s legal maneuvering.

    Meanwhile, we are actually innovating: you should look at Reify, also, stay tuned for announcements around AI.

    Anyway, if there is some specific use case that you believe Wildfly will address, feel free to explain the use case and we can offer an approach that does not involve enthusiastically embracing Oracle’s courtroom losses.

    Meanwhile, we have to maintain cross-version compatibility, because that’s what most customers require. But, if you are really in need, you can accelerate development of a compatibility layer that no other customer has requested- via Feature Sponsorship.

    Finally, note that there are no security vulnerabilities that actually apply to our product and there has only been one legit vulnerability in our 20+ year history, and that was minor (information exposure only).


      SmartClient (I'm using the non-GWT version) may be also used as a part of an application, working together with other libraries, and that's how we are using it at my company.

      The situation with javax/jakarta is really annoying, and incompatible dependencies are blocking upgrades to current versions of web frameworks, or starting new projects using them. For us it means being stuck with Spring Boot 2.7, which currently isn't a problem, but will start being one next year.