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    SmartGWT messaging not working

    I am using v11.1p_2018-02-21/PowerEdition Deployment (built 2018-02-21) and I'm also using isomorphic_realtime_messaging.jar. I have recently noticed that the messaging doesn't seem to be working and I see that there is messaging related activity in the network tab of my browser which shows a status of canceled. Can you help me troubleshoot this?

    Click image for larger version

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    This doesn't tell us much. The first thing to know in this situation is: was this working before, and if so, what changed? Did you roll out new application code? Did something change in the network?

    Some possibilities for the "canceled" status:

    1) your code is calling unsubscribe() somewhere thus tearing down the connection - you could search your code for such calls

    2) the server rejected the request - you could try connecting directly with some other tool

    3) your browser has too many websockets connections open to the same host (maybe many, many old tabs) so an additional one was disallowed - you could close old tabs


      This is actually happening to a colleague. It works for me in my application. However, when I run the SmartGWT showcase I do see the same issue:

      Click image for larger version

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        You see that on your colleague's machine or on yours?

        If this is limited to one machine, we would look into what's special about that machine - browser plugins, network configuration.

        If you're seeing this one a per-site basis, we would talk to your network group - someone has likely misconfigured a shared proxy.


          I'm seeing this on my machine. But I can run our application which uses realtime messaging successfully on my machine, while my colleague cannot run it on theirs. And in both of our cases, the server and client are running on the same machine.
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