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  • Isomorphic
    Hello there,

    Yes, SmartGWT supports Java 17. If the problem you're reporting is the sole error message you're receiving, then it's likely you just have your GWT project set up correctly, and we would suggest revisiting the installation instructions, and the instructions to set up GWT SuperDevMode:

    If, instead, this is just the final result from earlier error messages you didn't post (please don't do that!) you should know that core Java introduced a new "Record" concept that made any application code's "Record" classes ambiguous without adjusting code, simultaneously breaking many, many frameworks.

    Like everyone else, we had to adjust the SGWT code to be able to compile after the introduction of this new "Record" concept, and we did this months ago for 12.1 - so possible you don't have the latest patched version (see

    Note that it's required to post your exact version (with build date) for just this reason.

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  • rle125
    started a topic Does SmartGWT Power 12.1p support Java 17?

    Does SmartGWT Power 12.1p support Java 17?

    We are seeing errors on compilation with GWT 2.10.0, SmartGWT Power 12.1p and OpenJDK 17:

    Ex. com.smartgwt.client.widgets.Canvas cannot be resolve do to a type

    Is SmartGWT Power 12.1p compatible with Java 17, specifically OpenJDK 17.