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    Fetch huge data using DataSource.fetchData()

    Hi everyone,

    I have this code implemented in my project. The problem is that the browser will crash if there is a huge data that are more than 30k datas when using dataSource.fetchData.
    I don't want to use the ListGrid.fetchData because it is using DataBoundComponent. Is there a solution to optimize for fetching using DataSource?

    Here's the sample
     dataSource.fetchData( criteria, new DSCallback() {
                 public void execute( DSResponse dsResponse, Object rawData, DSRequest request ) {
                 LayoutTab.this.listGrid.setData( dsResponse.getData() );
                 }, null );

    Sorry, this doesn't make much sense to us. Whether you use listGrid.fetchData() or listGrid.setData(), you are still using a DataBoundComponent.

    What is your reasoning behind trying to load 30k rows at once?

    Also note: this actually works fine in our testing. It takes a lot more data than this for modern browsers to struggle.