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    Row misalignment on ListGrid with frozen columns

    The bug previously reported here seems to be reoccurring. In the code sample attached, it's a bit inconsistent, but I get it break by scrolling quickly from the bottom to the top with the scrollbar, then going up/down a bit the the scroll wheel (screenshot attached).

    The data I used for the sample is in an xml file that exceeds the file size limit for this site (it's ~300kb). Is there some other way to get this file to you?

    SmartGWT Version: v13.0p_2024-02-09/LGPL Development Only (built 2024-02-09)
    Chrome 121.0.6167.140 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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    That previous post did not identify a bug, but a usage issue.

    In this new code there is also a usage issue: you can't turn off virtualScrolling with fixedRecordHeights:false (unless you are also prepared to turn off incremental rendering, which you clearly can't in this case - too many records). Reverse that setting and your problem should be corrected.

    For future reference, if you have a large data file, you can:

    1. stick it on Dropbox or any similar file hosting service (S3, etc)

    2. email it if it's confidential


      Ah, right, I meant to link to this issue:

      I missed that virtual scrolling line, it was left over from an old test case, my real app doesn't have that.

      But removing that line doesn't fix this test case, either. It's harder to break, but I can still break it. Try scrolling to the bottom, jumping up to the top by dragging the bar, then scrolling down several times with the wheel. Might need to do that whole cycle a couple times.

      I attached a copy of the code without the virtual scrolling line. And here's a Google Drive link to the data.
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        Still need some information:

        1) what OS are you running Chrome on?

        2) what skin are you testing with? Are you able to reproduce with a stock skin - no other CSS?

        3) are you completely unzoomed? See the Browser Zoom overview - most browsers report bad sizes when zoomed, and we have already maxed out what we can do to work around this. It would be unsurprising to see some minor misalignment after jerking the scrollbar around while zoomed


          Sure, this might not help much, but I can confirm that I sometimes also see shifted rows. It happened in the showcase as well
          It's definitely related to frozen columns and probably setAlternateFieldStyles(true).
          The issue also seems to occur more frequently when there's a picker in the row.


            It's been more than 6 years since we've seen a valid test case showing row misalignment (that is, where none of the rules mentioned above were broken).

            If you can actually reproduce this problem in a Showcase example, that would be quite shocking, so please do share details!