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    ListGrid Retrieve Formatted Data

    Is there any method or way of retrieving the formatted data in a ListGrid or ResultSet?

    We have some Selenium scripts for testing and can retrieve values by row/field, but that can be slow. Just looking if there's any way of getting all of the formatted data all in one go.

    Presumably what you're saying is slow is to execute a separate Selenium locator for every single cell in the grid as a method of getting all the values in the grid. That would definitely be slow, not because of anything in our software, but just because of the overhead of Selenium's means of communicating with the browser.

    Instead, you could:

    1. use DataSource.recordsAsText() to turn the whole dataset (or any subset) into CSV

    .. or ..

    2. add your own method to your ListGrid to produce some other textual output that works better for the calling code


      Yes, slow from the Selenium perspective.

      Thank you for the suggestions, we will try adding something to the LIstGrid.