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  • Isomorphic
    This is actually behaving as designed.
    There is a slightly tricky interaction to consider here: When a user drag-resizes a column in the list grid, they "fix" the width of that column to the dragged size. Other fields in the grid may have a dynamic specified width -- something like "*" or a percentage value. We do not immediately re-calculate pixel sizes from these dynamic values and resize other fields as this would create a jarring effect where when the user completes a drag, the field widths appear to change unexpectedly.
    However we do retain them and certain actions will recalculate and apply these value. This includes a resize of the component as a whole, and also showing/hiding of fields.

    In this example the user drag resizes a field to the left of the continent field, "fixing" its size at some pixel width. Then by hiding and re-showing the continent field, the default width ("*") is recalculated, causing the field to do its best to fit within the ListGrid's viewport (IE reducing its size to account for the enlarged other field).

    You can suppress this behavior by specifying an explicit pixel size to the Continent field.

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  • geletkaf
    started a topic Width of column in listgrid automatically reduced

    Width of column in listgrid automatically reduced

    tested with: SmartClient Version: v8.3p_2013-09-05/LGPL Development Only (built 2013-09-05)
    browser: FF 20.0.1
    showcase: AutofitFilterSample

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. resize columns in the grid so the last column (Continent) is not visible unless you use horizontal scrollbar
    2. perform filtering in a way that listgrid will end up empty
    3. remove "Continent" column and add it right back
    4. width of "Continent" column is reduced almost to minimum

    Can you have a look on this please?

    Last edited by geletkaf; 5th Sep 2013, 08:37.