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    SelectItem vs. ComboBox


    is it possible to have a component which would combine SelectItem and ComboBox in a sense:
    1. From ComboBox it would take the possibility to type and automatically reduce number of items in it (basic filtering).
    2. From SelectItem would take the way how multiselection is displayed > meaning it is keeping all selected items inside the component.


    It's not clear whether you have seen MultiComboBoxItem - please take a look if not.

    If by "keeping all selected items inside the component" you mean showing all selected values as a single editable text value, this is just a worse interface than what MultiComboBoxItem provides. If you meant something else, be specific.


      Originally posted by Isomorphic View Post
      It's not clear whether you have seen MultiComboBoxItem - please take a look if not.
      Yes, i have. But MultiComboBoxItem is not showing all selected values as single text value inside the component. I need this feature, it's a business requirement. But i also want to have the possibility to filter records (and this is provided only by ComboBoxItem).


        It seems like you might be unclear on what MultiComboBoxItem is, since it very very obviously has the ability to "filter records" as you say. Please review the docs and sample.

        Again, placing all values in a single text field is an entirely worse interface, because:

        1. It makes it harder to remove values
        2. It makes it unclear which is the current search string vs stored values, and requires a complex API to handle the possibility of multiple search strings

        If you are interested in some other enhancement for MultiComboBoxItem, such as a way to have it be fixed size (with chosen values editable via a menu or similar, that could be a Feature Sponsorship, but making it a text field would be ineligible (because it is in all ways worse).


          OK, thanks. We decided to use ListGrid inside SelectItem :)