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    On-Demand Javascript loading ?

    what about dynamically (lazy) loading javascript code only when it's actually required ?



      Just use native GWT no need to use jquery

      Originally posted by yariv.snapir
      Thanks for you responses.
      Wrt firebug, it was disabled when I tested download time. I only used it to see what files are downloaded and its size - I know better then to look at download time in firebug.

      I see your point on the Boeing vs. space shuttle. Nice analogy, only please consider that a space-shuttle is the one being used twice a year (at most) where the Boeing is used thousands of time each day :).

      I think it is a pity that you are giving up on the small-time application world. Going back to the "home pages" or other even semi static sites, they too can use your client (even if its not for the handling of large data-sets) if it was possible to download only what you really need.

      Maybe to explain where I come from would help:
      I am considering a new client library for the use of MANY developers. Developing both kinds of applications. Small time as well as enterprise. I would want to be able to use one client library for both cases instead of introducing multiple new libraries.

      Again, Thanks for your very quick and elaborate answers it definitely helped me
      Just use native GWT for realworld used multiple times a day no need to use jquery google has done amazing amount of work to decrease size and increase performance of GWT ........also maintaining jquery is a I found out ........smartgwt is only good for those corporate lan apps or complex dinosaur apps
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        Usually when i do a webpage it comes with a backend for administration so the customer customizes it's content alone. For this SmartGWT is a great value.


          @codedude As we have previously explained, a large community of users and many mega-corporations disagree with your opinion.

          Here again is the right kind of assessment to make on whether to use SmartGWT for a given application:

          If your users will use the application infrequently and briefly AND many of them will not have broadband AND you cannot use a CDN or similar approach AND you have no way to mask the download time (see background downloading) AND your app doesn't require anything unique to SmartGWT AND you decide that it makes sense to spend extra time in development and delay release in order to save your users a few seconds wait on the first ever access THEN yes by all means use another technology, SmartGWT doesn't solve every problem and it would be worse if it tried to.
          This excludes only ultralight applications, such as the landing page of a site that serves primarily content. For such ultralight applications GWT is unsuitable, because:
          • GWT's widget system will never match JQuery's ultralight footprint for basic interactivity
          • GWT is an awkward technology to use for sites that are mostly about content rather than interactivity (eg, mainstream CMS integration lacking)
          • perhaps worst, GWT applications grow in proportion to their most complex screens, forcing you to keep dividing the application to keep a light footprint on key landing pages, which basically throws away many of GWT's key benefits.

          Codedude, as we mentioned before, posting your .. unique .. opinion in various places only forces the SmartGWT team to waste time making sure the full story is told. This hurts SmartGWT and the SmartGWT community. This discussion has already been pursued exhaustively, let's leave it alone now.