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  • maw

    I have it working now. I had to explicitly clear my browser cache (Chrome). Pressing Ctrl-F5 did not seem to help.

    Thanks very much.

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  • Isomorphic
    How to correctly change themes is explained in the QuickStart Guide. Be sure to rerun a GWT compile any time you change your .gwt.xml, and be sure also to clear your browser cache.

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  • maw

    I have tried this but not got it working my gwt.xml now has:

    <inherits name="com.smartgwtee.SmartGwtEENoTheme"/>
    <inherits name="com.smartclient.theme.enterpriseblue.EnterpriseBlue"/>

    No discernible difference. What am I missing?

    Thanks, Mark.

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    The com.smartgwt.SmartGwt module includes the Enterprise theme by default. You can do what the showcase example does. ie. inherit com.smartgwt.SmartGwtNoScript and com.smartclient.theme.silverwave.SilverWaveResources and then manually add the script includes and load the skin.

    We'll add com.smartgwt.SmartGwtNoTheme module that only includes the scripts so that what you're currently doing works.

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  • bronzeiii

    is that the only way to modify the theme?
    thanks for the help.. please let me know.

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  • Halabe

    You have to change the skin from the html file in the public folder of your module.

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  • bronzeiii
    started a topic How to change theme

    How to change theme

    Hi all

    I know this question has been asked many time in this forum, and I've read them all, but none of them worked for me.

    So i've included the smartgwt.jar and smartgwt-skins.jar files in the classpath, and modified my gwt.xml file to the following


    <!-- Inherit the core Web Toolkit stuff. -->
    <inherits name='' />
    <inherits name='com.gwt.Gwt' />
    <inherits name='com.gwt.rebind.Rebind' />

    <inherits name="com.smartgwt.SmartGwt" />

    <!-- <inherits name="com.smartgwt.SmartGwtNoScript" />-->
    <!-- <inherits name="com.smartclient.SmartClientDefault"/>-->
    <!-- <inherits name="com.smartclient.theme.enterprise.EnterpriseResources" />-->
    <!-- <inherits name="com.smartclient.theme.blackops.BlackOpsResources" />-->
    <inherits name="com.smartclient.theme.silverwave.SilverWaveResources" />
    <!-- <inherits name="com.smartclient.theme.treefrog.TreeFrogResources" />-->
    <!-- <inherits name="com.smartclient.theme.fleet.FleetResources" />-->

    <!-- Inherit the default GWT style sheet. You can change -->
    <!-- the theme of your GWT application by uncommenting -->
    <!-- any one of the following lines. -->
    <!-- <inherits name=''/>-->
    <!-- <inherits name=''/> -->
    <!-- <inherits name=''/> -->

    <!-- Specify the app entry point class. -->
    <entry-point class='com.gwt.cisternroi.client.Admin' />


    but when i started the hosted mode, the theme is still defaulted to the Enterprise one even though I specified it to use SilverWave... May someone please help me with this problem? Thanks so much