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    Window management like OS X expose

    Are there any plans to add window management features similar to the expose feature in Mac OS X? That is, dynamic tiling of small window previews to allow the user to pick which window to focus on? Something like this is pretty nice for managing multiple windows when they start to overlap a lot.
    Any thoughts on implementing something like this with the current SC 7 or 8 feature set? Or are there other existing methods for window management in SC that I've overlooked?

    Hi Scott
    We don't have any immediate plans to add this feature.

    If you want to implement this yourself with existing APIs, there are several approaches you could take.
    One option might be to use a TileGrid or TileLayout containing clickable thumbnails of the windows, with a tile click handler that would cause the TileGrid to hide and the appropriate window to be centered / expanded / brought to front, etc.

    If you'd like to see this as a framework feature, please feel free to add it to the wishlist forums, or if you'd be interested in feature sponsorship, please contact us offline

    Isomorphic Software