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  • ISC Feature Explorer: Sample "Mass Update" works in place; but NOT standalone

    I wanted to use the JS Code of the ISC Feature Explorer Example "Mass Update" in a stripped down, standalone example; this example works in the Feature Explorer, but NOT in my extracted standalone version ...

    The URL of the example in the Feature Explorer:
    - http://localhost:8080/isomorphic/system/reference/SmartClient_Explorer.html#massUpdate

    The URL of my extracted standalone version:
    - http://localhost:8080/testBed.html (I've placed it in the 'smartclientSDK' DIR)

    When I omit the 'dataSource: countryDS' declaration in the ListGrid creation, the widgets are shown in the standalone example, too ... I suppose now that something happens during the construction phase of the Feature Explorer that makes those dataSources work in place; but not if one extracts the code ...

    I have attached my extracted standalone version as 'testBed.html'.
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    I found out the reason why my extracted standalone version 'testBed.html' didn't work:

    The DataSources used in the examples are declared in XML (understandable for the Java Server); in order for DataSources examples to function one has to convert the DataSources descriptions to JavaScript, too ! This can be done by using an Isomorphic JSP Custom Tag like so:

    <isomorphic:loadDS ID="countryDS" />

    It must be placed within <script> tags; and one must include the Isomorphic JSP Custom Tag Library like so:

    <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/iscTaglib.xml" prefix="isomorphic" %>

    Of course, this solution works only for a JSP file 'testBed.jsp' !


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      One further note: It is annoying that in the case of a missing/wrong client-side DataSource declaration nothing is displayed; not even an error message ...


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        There are very clear errors in the Developer Console, who is why the QuickStart tells you to look there.

        There are also clear instructions for loading DataSources in the QuickStart.

        In a nutshell: don't skip the QuickStart :)