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    ListGrid bulk save

    SmartClient version : 8.2 Power Edition
    Browser(s) and Version(s) involved - Internet Explorer version 8

    I have a ListGrid backed by a DataSource with the following settings

    autoSaveEdits : false - To Allow for a mass/bulk update interface on the rows in the ListGrid

    I'd like to be able to process all of the rows in the ListGrid on the server side rather than processing each row of the ListGrid at a time .

    Is there a way to achieve this kind of bulk processing ?

    The reason we would like to do this is because we want to aggregate the rows in ListGrid to minimize the number of emails we end up sending.

    Here are the options we have explored so far
    a. Use a custom operation on the DMI
    b. Use an update operation on the DMI

    In both of these cases, the server method is called one record at a time instead of receiving a list of records.

    We recommend keeping the separate DMI calls and just sending the email from the last DMI.