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    DynamicForm warning "Form input String:"


    I am trying to save 9999999999 that is 10 nines and then I'm getting the warning "Form input string: 9999999999"
    when I try 9 nines it saves just fine, I have changed all types of the FormItem to be text and I will convert the value on the server. Where is this warning coming from, and how do i stop it?

    This isn't really enough information to go on.
    We don't know from this description what mechanism you're using to save the item, what your form item editorType is, what properties and validators you may have applied to your DataSource (assuming you have a DataSource), whether the user interface is a standalone form, a valuesManager, an editable grid or something else, whether this is a validation error, a warning in the logs, or an alert, etc.

    You are dealing with a very large number here, but this should not be so large that JS is natively losing precision.

    We'd recommend a couple of things:
    Firstly - build / branch:
    - If you're doing active development we'd recommend you use the latest branch if possible (10.0) -- and if that isn't possible at least 9.1 rather than 9.0.
    - If this is a bug in a production environment running 9.0 and an upgrade isn't possible, you should still see if you get the problem running the most recent 9.0 nightly build - you're looking at a build from 2013 - it's possible you're dealing with an already resolved issue.

    Secondly - we'll need a way to reproduce, or failing that as much information as you can give us about the issue.

    Ideally we'd recommend creating a small standalone test case we can actually run on our end that demonstrates the problem.
    Try building a minimal UI that reproduces the problem (basically just the editor interface and a button to Save, perhaps). If you have custom server logic, see if you can reproduce the problem without custom server logic.
    You can then show us this source (should be ideally just a couple of files - the JS for the test case and the .ds.xml), plus a description of how to reproduce the problem, and we can try it on our end.

    If for some reason this proves impossible, we would at a minimum need an accurate description of the UI (probably including a code snippet showing what the edit field looks like), and details of the DataSource (server type, field definition etc), and any debug information you can give us such as server logged warnings etc.

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