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  • Isomorphic
    This works in some browsers but not others because there are no standards to follow for a "find" function. IE11 appears willing to do the obvious thing and scroll areas of the screen that do not have visible native scrollbars, but Chrome/Firefox do not.

    A few options:

    1. selectively set showCustomScrollbars to false just for situations where the native "find" function is really important in your application

    2. provide a different search interface

    3. file bugs against Firefox/Chrome and hope (the likely response is "there is no standard that says we have to do this, so we won't")

    4. do a brief Feature Sponsorship with us to see if there is some way to work around this. Fair warning: our scrolling system already carefully works around a thicket of browser bugs, so the outcome of the investigation could easily be: we found a way for the "Find" function to cause scrolling, but because of these other browser bugs, it can't be used.

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  • shresthg_des
    Isomorphic, any news on this?

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  • shresthg_des
    Updated the post based on further investigation

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  • Chrome/Firefox not scrolling to focus on off-screen text using the browser find

    SmartClient Version: v9.1p_2016-04-15/Pro Development Only (built 2016-04-15)
    Chrome Version 54 (64-bit) (probably any latest version of Chrome will see the same result)
    Firefox 49.0.2

    On Chrome, the browser does not focus on the off-screen text searched from the browser's find/search (CTRL+F) feature. However, on Internet Explorer 11, when using the search/find (CTRL+F) feature, it is able to scroll to focus on a text that is not on screen.

    We can use the SmartClient Showcase as an example of our scenario:

    1) On Chrome/Firefox, press CTRL + F to launch the find/search text box (make sure you are at the top of the page)
    2) Search for the word "Extending" (it is the last item in the left navigation menu)
    3) Chrome/Firefox says there is 1 match BUT it does not bring focus to the text by scrolling (on IE11, it will scroll to the found text)

    EDIT: Further investigation has indicated that if we set showCustomScrollbars to false in load_skins.js, the browser search in Chrome/Firefox will be able to focus on off-screen text. However, we want to use custom scrollbars. Why is it the case that IE11 works but other browsers do not? Is there a workaround we can do?
    Last edited by shresthg_des; 5 Dec 2016, 08:17.