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  • Collection of items in Form

    I have to make a form to manage dictionnaries with somes fields: name, description, list of structured items (text and translation), how can i do that simply, user can add, remove dictionnary, and in a dictionnary he can enter name, description and add/remove entryes (couple of text and translation). How can i do that?

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    A simple way to do this is to use on DynamicForm per (name,description,list) tuple, then combine them together in a VStack so that you can have multiple lines of input, with a (+) button to add additional lines.


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      Thank's for your response, i omitted to tell you that my application display dictionnaries in a listgrid with getExpansionComponent option, when user expand a row, i create a Dynamic form with generic fields and in the dynamic form i want to edit the collection of entries, in the capture below i would like that "Correspondances" field is a list of entries with multiple fields (original text, translated text, color, ...), add, remove buttons.
      I think that your response is good but have you a sample code to do that to help me?

      Click image for larger version

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        There are various samples of expansion components and forms. If you prefer someone else builds this specific interface for you, Isomorphic offers consulting services.