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  • listGrid and setViewState() problem

    Smartclient v10.0p_2015-09-22
    In my application i use getViewState() and setViewState() function for listGrid components.
    if i call getViewState() when an element is selected, there is a bug when calling setViewState() another time:
    I fill the grid with new elements, if no element is selected and I call the setviewState () function, there is a bug (the memorized element that was previously selected does not exist in the new list).
    is it possible de correct this bug or to not save selected element in function setViewState() ?
    Here is the error message (in french):
    Exception non gérée à la ligne 462, colonne 11 dans http://localhost:50191/isomorphic/
    0x800a138f - Erreur d’exécution JavaScript: Impossible d’obtenir la propriété « getPrimaryKeyFields » d’une référence null ou non définie a eu lieu
    Best regards

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    Can you show code that reproduces the problem, along with the full stack trace of the error?

    Before posting, be sure you've tested that the problem still happens on the latest patched build.


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      After somes tests, the problem is in the function setSelectedState(), when problem appears, data return an empty array (data = []) and then var index = data.findByKeys(PKs, this.getDataSource()); fail!