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    Upgrade From version 9 to version 12

    I'm having licence version of smart client and new in this project, can anyone please suggest the steps to upgrade it from version -9 to latest one

    Install 12. That's it - SmartClient is backwards compatible except with certain rare exceptions covered in the release notes.


      Getting below error in every page while upgrading smart client v-9 to smart client v-12

      SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'hideAllIcons'

      Can anyone help me to resolve this issue is one go please


        Please see the FAQ and the Debugging topic for elementary troubleshooting steps and information to gather before posting here.


          very bad support and service seems like no one is interest to answer, ever they don't have proper documentation



            You have already been answered, and the answer was that you did not post needed information.


              If you're giving an answer via mail or forums you have to share documents links or have to attache related files as well, from where I can find FAQ and the Debugging topic, It's very hard to find in your website.

              I've already asked for the same through mails but didn't get any answer. Earlier also you said that "Install 12. That's it" did you say that there is FAQ and the Debugging topic available and from where I can find this ?

              Below is the debugging URL, got it from one of your post and it is not working


              and smartclient reference is not working as well


              Your support and service is very bad .. seems like you're seeking for paid service only
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                The FAQ is a sticky post in this forum, there are valid links to it from all over the place, and it is the first hit for "smartgwt faq" from a Google search. The Debugging topic is likewise validly linked from many places, and is the first hit for "smartgwt debugging" from a Google search.

                It honestly seems like it must have taken extra work to find ancient (10+ year old) links that actually don't work..

                We do a great deal to help users who have not purchased support, however, if you continue to behave in this manner, where you complain about a lack of response when you have already received a prompt answer, and when you fail to post relevant information, and then behave as if resources are difficult to find, it is true that we will cut off the free help.

                Best of luck,


                  Hi Isomorphic team,
                  We are trying to upgrade from version 9.1 to 12. We have a licence with purchased support. As per your response using isomorphic 12 directly would work but in our case it is not working as expected.
                  It seems the core modules in version 12 have changes which are not backward compatible with smartclient vserion 9.1.
                  The error is thrown from ISC_Forms.js and other core module files. Below are the logs.

                  ----Logs start--
                  14:40:37.350:TMR3:WARN:Log:URL: http://localhost:8080/fastcollect/se...ermission=JT02
                  Error Message: Function expected
                  [c]JSERRH._logError(errorMsg=>"Function expected")
                  anonymous(msg=>"Function expected", "http://localhost:8080/fastcollect/script..."[144], 905)
                  SCRIPT5002: Function expected
                  ISC_Forms.js (905,109)
                  *14:40:37.424:TMR9:WARN:parseXML:Error parsing XML:
                  Reason: XML document must have a top level element.
                  Line number: 0, character: 0
                  Line contents:
                  ---Logs end--

                  Let me know what else information you need to help us regarding the upgrade issue.



                    Most issues that are reported as possible backwards compatibility problems ultimately turn out to be either bad usage (relying on behavior that isn't documented / supported) or incorrect installations / unrelated problems introduced during installation, including incorrect deployment of your own code or data.

                    This isn't a normal stack trace - please see the FAQ on how to obtain one. It's possible you've installed some kind of error handling system of your own ("JSERRH"?), if so, you may need to disable that in order get useful diagnostics.

                    Also please clarify if this is the same error as reported above by "vikashdwi" - something about hideAllIcons? Just so you're aware: there was an internal, undocumented hideAllIcons() method in an older version of SmartClient, which was removed. If your code is crashing trying to call this undocumented method, you will need to correct your code, there's nothing we can do for you - this is an example of upgrade failure occurring because you relied on undocumented functionality.

                    Also note, even with a correct stack trace, you still have a responsibility to post the basic information that would be expected with any issue report: basic context about what your app is doing at the time this error occurs.

                    Finally, you aren't posting from an account that is marked as having either a license or support. Please post from the correct account to receive the expected level of service.


                      Hi Isomorphic,

                      Facing another issue while upgrading latest version and this issues is appearing from version 10, Please take a look on below logs

                      ----Console Error start--
                      1) *18:01:17.684:KDN5:WARN:Log:Call to Super for method: keyPress failed on: [DBDynamicForm ID:isc_DBDynamicForm_22]: couldn't find a superclass implementation of : DBDynamicForm.keyPress
                      Class.invokeSuper(_1=>null, _2=>"keyPress", _3=>undef, _4=>undef, _5=>undef, _6=>undef, _7=>undef, _8=>undef, _9=>undef, _10=>undef, _11=>undef, _12=>undef, _13=>undef)
                      Class.Super(_1=>"keyPress", _2=>Obj{length:3}, _3=>undef)
                      DBDynamicForm.itemKeyPress(item=>[DBComboBox ID:isc_DBComboBox_24 name:pickUpLocCode], keyName=>"Tab", characterValue=>undef)
                      FormItem.$18d(_1=>[DBComboBox ID:isc_DBComboBox_24 name:pickUpLocCode], _2=>[DBDynamicForm ID:isc_DBDynamicForm_22], _3=>"Tab", _4=>undef)
                      FormItem.handleKeyPress(_1=>Obj, _2=>Obj)
                      ** recursed on Class.invokeSuper

                      2) 18:01:17.738:TMR4:WARN:Log:Call to Super for method: handleError failed on: [DBFCRDS ID:isc_DBFCRDS_41]: couldn't find a superclass implementation of : DBFCRDS.handleError

                      ---Console Error end--

                      Here isc.defineClass("DBDynamicForm", "DynamicForm");

                      Is there anything that I'm missing in configuration or keyPress has been modified/ replaced with other method or params.
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                        You previously talked about upgrading to version 12, now you seem you to be trying to upgrade to version 10. This doesnít make sense to do as you would end up still two versions behind and would rapidly lose support for current browsers. Go back to upgrading to 12.

                        As far the warning in the logs, itís self-explanatory: youíre calling Super when there is no superclass implementation. This error in your code was there before in 9.1, you probably just noticed the warning in the logs now.

                        The result of calling Super when there is no superclass implementation is just that nothing happens - same as the behavior before as well.


                          Yes Actually we want to upgrade to version -12 only but tried on 10 to see if it is working or not, now again moved to version -12

                          now If we ignore the Super class related warning then there is another issue related to service in version -12

                          We're getting INVALID_RESPONSE_FORMAT in javascript:isc.showConsole() though the response JSON format is same as in version-9 and it is a valid JSON format.

                          Please find the attached screenshot from console.

                          And even after upgrading to 12 my application is not working in IE-11 or chrome. I can see one layer of div is not allowing me to click on top menu. Below are the HTML Code

                          <div id="isc_0" eventproxy="isc_Canvas_0" class="normal" style="position: absolute;left: 0px;top: 0px;width: 1349px;height: 363px; z-index: 200018; overflow: visible;cursor: default;" onscroll="return isc_Canvas_0.$lh()"><div id="isc_1" eventproxy="isc_Canvas_0" style="POSITION:relative;-webkit-margin-collapse:separate separate;VISIBILITY:inherit;Z-INDEX:200018;CURSOR:default;">&nbsp;</div></div>

                          I've raised licence request for version-12 and it may take 2 to 3 week to get approved. meanwhile I've work on trail version and resolve all the issues to upgrade.

                          Attached Files
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                            Your posts are still missing basic information which it should be extremely obvious is necessary. You've indicated absolutely nothing about what this request is missing - not even whether it's from a DataSource - or what the response format is that you are using. And you've omitted the logs, again. We've already reminded you of this multiple times.

                            This is a huge waste of time for us and for you, and you have already shown that you have been using internal undocumented APIs, making it rather unlikely that you have any valid issues with the product. So this is your last chance: post all the necessary information next time or we will stop responding unless you are posting bug reports: complete, ready-to-run test cases showing a framework issue,


                              In the existing i found that dataformat code I resolved the INVALID_RESPONSE_FORMAT by adding jsonPrefix and jsonSuffix below:
                              //below is the sample code where DBFCRDS class is defined
                              registerDBFCRestDataSource : function() {
                                      isc.defineClass("DBFCRDS", "RestDataSource");
                                                  handleError : function(response, request) {
                                                      if (response && response.errors) {
                                                          if (response.errors.ISE) {
                                                      return this.Super('handleError', "");
                                                  transformResponse : function(dsResponse, dsRequest, xmlData) {
                                                      this.Super('transformResponse', arguments);
                                                  getDataURL : function() {
                                                      var url = this.Super('getDataURL', arguments);
                                                      if (url !== undefined) {
                                                          if (url.startsWith('http')) {
                                                              return url;
                                                          if (url
                                                                          + '/')) {
                                                              return url;
                                                          } else {
                                                              return + url;
                              // Here is the sample where DBFCRDS is used for rest data source and i added the jsonprefix and jsonsuffix property.
                              this.seekRDS = isc.DBFCRDS.create({
                                               dataFormat : "json",
                                                 fields : [
                                                      {name : "code",type : "text"},
                                                      {name : "description",type : "text"}
                                                      fetchDataURL:  "/rest/call/pagename.xhtml",
                                                      jsonPrefix: "",
                              Now my concern is do i have to add these properties at every Rest data source creation as above as there are multiple files with the same code as above with different 'fetchDataURL'. Is there a way that this can be added at the root file where DBFCRDS class is defined.