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  • Select Item an checkboxes problem

    Version : v10.0p_2015-11-20/Pro Development Only
    In a form, i have an field with type:"select", multiple:"true" and an array of items in valueMap propertie.
    when i click on this field, the list of items is displayed with checkboxes before each line but theses checkboxes are not correctly refreshed.
    if i click on a checkbox, list of selected items in the text field is correctly updated but checkbox is not marked as checked.
    I have downloaded latest version en Eval mode (v12) and there is no problem with this version.
    Can you tell me if i can have a patch to correct my problem?

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    There is no known bug of this kind, so you should either get the latest patched version of 10.0 (see or do the upgrade to 12.0 now.

    We would definitely recommend doing the upgrade if you are doing any new development. New versions are backwards compatible, and you have to stay on recent versions to get support for the latest browsers, even if you donít happen to care about new features.