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    Is there a way to implement a listGrid saving/update/delete spinner like when the LG is loading?

    What is the correct way to display a busy spinner/message during long save/update/delete operations using a listGrid?
    It seems odd to me that there is a loading spinner and loading message for Read, but not similar indicators and messaging for the other CRUD operations

    There is already a spinner behavior during save, in that the cursor changes during the operation - this is controlled by rpcRequest.promptStyle, and you have an option of a modal dialog instead, which contains text which could have a spinner icon.

    Replacing the ListGrid body with spinner content would generally be a bad idea as you are hiding the currently loaded data from the user. That's how fetch is different from other operations - there is no loaded data yet.


      Can you point me to an example of how I can set this option to be a modal dialog?



        rpcRequest.promptStyle can be set anywhere you see DSRequest properties, so you can set it on the ListGrid.saveRequestProperties for example.