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    TreeGrid Animation Horizontal Alignment Problem


    Have recently upgraded from v11.0p_2016-11-15/LGPL and noticed an oddity with TreeGrids set with animateFolders = true. This is observable on the ShowCase example :

    If you click the + icon to expand the 'Aquarium' node, as the sub-items drop down, the 'Reptile House' node moves to the left and on completion moves back to the right to be back in line with the 'Aquarium' node. And does the same if you close the 'Aquarium' node back up again. The effect is more apparent if you specify showConnectors : true.

    For us with a TreeGrid with a larger number of top level nodes it displays a distinct 'wobble' as the sub-items drop down.

    This effect isn't observable on the equivalent v11.0 Showcase example :

    The 'Reptile House' node moves down vertically in-line with the 'Aquarium' node.

    As an aside it's also observable on the v12.1 ShowCase example,

    Is there any workround that can be applied to make the behaviour the same as v11.0? So that the top-level nodes stay in horizontal alignment when expanding a node?

    Best Regards,

    Thanks for the notification - we've made a change to address this issue

    Isomorphic Software


      Have updated to the latest LGPL and can confirm that the alignment problem has been resolved.

      Thanks for the quick response,