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    ListGrid .pdf export Issue when number of column is large

    Hi Team,

    I am facing problem with .pdf export when the listgrid have large no of column.

    I don't want to use the @page{size: A4 landscape; } export CSS . Can you help to suggest some other solution.
    While passing DSRequest to exportContent I am setting the fields to be exported but its not working.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    If you modify our export samples you can see that limiting the number of columns is working as expected, so it is likely there is some mistake in your code.

    No one can help you find the problem since you didn't post enough information.



      I saw the export sample but the approach is different from what I am expecting . Below is the code snippet I am using for .pdf download.

      DSRequest dsRequestProp = new DSRequest();
      dsRequestProp.setAttribute( "pdfName","checkPdf" );
      // exportFieldList it contains the field name which I want to export
      dsRequestProp.setExportFields( exportFieldList);
      RPCManager.exportContent(listGrid, dsRequestProp);

      Sorry I am new to the technology and forum. Let me know what more info you are looking for.



        Again, modify that sample to export the list of fields you want, and you'll see that the feature is working.

        If the modified sample somehow doesn't work for you, we would need to see the complete code that does not work. That's how you file an issue report. Simply saying it is "different from what I am expecting" is not useful.