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    Move checkbox field icon to the left of expansion field icon

    I am using selectionAppearance="checkbox" with treeGrid.
    I need to switch places with the checkbox and the expansion icon.
    Is there any property to set in checkboxFieldProperties?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	s.png Views:	0 Size:	558 Bytes ID:	260119

    And another question -
    Is there a way to check \ uncheck children when checking their father?
    Last edited by NF; 24th Nov 2019, 08:41.

    No, there is no way to reorder the standard icons - they are already in the commonly found order.

    You would have to instead suppress the standard opener icon (showOpener:false) and reimplement the opener capability via the extraIcon feature.

    We would recommend just not doing this and leaving the icons in the common, expected order.

    About checking parents and children, see treeGrid.cascadeSelection.


      Would it be possible to make the grid looks like that -
      Click image for larger version

Name:	S.png
Views:	37
Size:	730 Bytes
ID:	260172
      Separating the checkbox and the expanders to different columns.


        That's simply a worse design, as it separates the node title information and expander from the checkbox by an increasing distance the deeper you drill into the tree, which both separates related information and makes the user move the mouse unnecessarily.

        However you could implement this by turning off built-in selection and using a type:"boolean" column to implement your own selection behavior.

        We would again highly recommend not doing this. Our guess would be that you received a mockup design in which the designer inadvertently reversed the standard ordering of the opener and checkbox controls. This is probably just a mistake, not an intentional design choice, as the standard design is better (the checkbox is more closely related to the title than the expander, so it should be adjacent). Right now you are spending a bunch of time trying to implement a worse design that was probably an accident in the mockup.