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    Listgrid columns resize problem


    I'm create a dynamic listgrid with datasource.
    Any error occurs when the number of grid columns is less than 30. In the attached image grid columns count is 38.
    When scrolling or column resized grid columns and grid data not matched. How to I solve this problem?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	123.PNG
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    Please read the FAQ and the Debugging overview to understand what you need to post to get help with issues.

    This is waaay too little information. We have no idea how you created this issue.


      Ok. I'm trying again.

      Firstly I'm creating dynamic listgrid with datasource.
      Same this:
      "dynamicFields" contains my listgrid columns.

              let listGrid = isc.ListGrid.create({
                  ID: "listGridView_" + gridModel.Identity,
                  //width: "100%",
                  height: isChild ? "400px" : "100%",
                  dataSource: dataProvider,
                  autoFetchData: isChild ? false : true,
                  showFilterEditor: isChild ? false : true,
                  filterOnKeypress: false,
                  alternateRecordStyles: true,
                  showGridSummary: isChild ? false : true,
                  filterLocalData: isChild ? false : true,
                  expansionFieldImageShowSelected: canExpandRow,
                  canExpandRecords: canExpandRow,
                  canExpandMultipleRecords: false,
                  fields: dynamicFields,
                  showCustomScrollbars: false,
                  autoFitData: "horizontal",
      there is no problem. But when scrolling to right columns and data not match. you can see in the example above.
      This problem is solved when I use
      showAllColumns : true
      attribute for listgrid. but this time no column filters are visible. What am I doing wrong?

      Remarks: There is no problem when the number of columns is less than 30.


        We can't run this code, and neither claimed problem happens if you just add your settings to Showcase examples and introduce more columns, so, still no idea how you broke yourself. Certainly, the idea that showAllColumns:true could remove the filter row does not make sense at all..

        You also appear to have very lightly skimmed the FAQ as you've still not even told us what product or version you're using. Also, as the FAQ tells you, make sure you have tested against the latest patched version *before* reporting an issue.