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    Error updating to version 12

    I work in Eclipse with smartclient 6 (GNU) and GWT SDK 2.4.0, updating to version 12p and GWT SDK 2.6.0, and following all the instructions in the manual, when compiling the project in Webcontent, it generates the folders: project / sc / skins and system, DO NOT generate the project / sc / modules folder. In Webcontent / WEB-INF / lib, there are: gwt-servlet.jar, smartgwt.jar and smartgwt-skins.jar, as in version 6. In the html modify: <inherits name = 'com.smartgwt.SmartGwt' /> by <inherits name = "" /> In the html add: <script> var isomorphicDir = "alejaseguarea / sc /"; </script> At the time of running the application, it displays the message: Core SmartClient JavaScript libraries appear not to be loaded. If inheriting the NoScript SmartGWT modules, verify that the HTML file includes <script src = ...> tags to load the SmartClient module .js files from the appropriate location within the WAR. By default these files are present under [GWT app name] / sc / modules /. How can I correct this error? Thank you

    Please read the Debugging overview to see how to get set up.