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    row number column is at the end of the row instead of the beginning

    I have a window that contains a ListGrid. The grid applies the setFieldState(stringstate) method to rearrange the headers to the users preferences. I have applied the setShowRowNumbers(true). The first time I open the window with no saved state, the row number column appears as the first column but after rearranging the headers, closing the window and reopening it (a new instance of the window), the row number column is now at the end of the list grid.
    ex of code

    ListGrid mainTable = new ListGrid();
    if (!stringstate.equals("")) {

    VLayout mVLayout= new VLayout();

    Why does the program not set the row column at the beginning of the grid when applying a field state to it?

    We're not reproducing this from a quick check with the Offline Preferences sample after changing the code to turn on row numbers.

    Your code is a little weird in that it enables row numbers after setFields(), it makes more sense to do things in the other order.

    If you do that but still have a problem, please provide a minimal, ready-to-run test case showing the issue, which has been tested against the latest patched build, and we can take a look.