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    Filter Data with Datasource which contains Html

    Dear all,
    i cant figure out this problem with filtering a listgrid, which contains html code.
    I have a json datasource, a listgrid and a filterbuilder. The json datasource has lines that contains html code.
    Now if i use the the listgridId.filterData() function and i search for all entries that contains "class" all entries that contains html code like "<div class=.....>" gets displayed.
    How can i configure the filterbuilder or the datasource to ignore the html code if i search for entries?
    Best Regards,

    We don't have something like a built-in mode for filtering HTML and ignoring tags, if that's what you're asking. You would need to parse the HTML and derive whatever text you want filtering, then you provide that as the data to filter, just as for any other text field. If you still want to display the formatted HTML, you can use the displayField attribute.