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    12.0/12.1/13.0 general Calendar feedback

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I noticed these issues with Calendar, one bad, one annoying, three improvement suggestions.
    • It seems it is not possible to edit date of an event, only the time. This makes it impossible to move events efficiently
    • Moving events with drag&drop only works in the week-view, not in the month-view
      • Clicking and not releasing events in month view shows a cursor at the end of the event name.
    • It is not possible to copy events with right-click or in the event details (improvement suggestion)
    • It is not possible to enter a place for the CalendarEvent (improvement suggestion)
    • It is not possible to enter a timezone for the CalendarEvent (improvement suggestion)

    I'm not using Calendar currently, so this has no priority for me, it's just what I noticed (as a google Calendar user).

    Best regards

    Hi Isomorphic,

    all these points are still valid using the 13.0p calendar sample (v13.0p_2022-01-06).

    Best regards