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    Can I style a form item

    I couldn't find a post on this forum about my question, but actually I can't imagine nobody has asked this before, so sorry if I'm asking it again.

    Is it possible to give a form item a bit of different styling? A larger and/or bold form in my particular use case. Ideally, I would like to increase the size of a text field and the size of a submit button. I have read the form styling article, but I believe I have to create lots of CSS classes to make it all work. I was hoping for a similar approach as the getCellCSSText() method of grids where I can simply return CSS statements.

    As it turns out, the documentation is correct.

    Most people consider CSS-styling the preferred approach, so there is no programmatic way of styling FormItems.

    You can, of course, programmatically generate CSS styles if you want, just using JavaScript. If that's interesting, we'd recommend a Google search for techniques.