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  • Isomorphic
    Please see RestDataSource. You can get a JSON or XML representation of the request, which when parsed, would generally be represented by an Array on any platform (especially the JSON).

    This is the recommended approach for integration when you don't have our Java server framework - this is covered in the QuickStart (Data Integration) among other places.

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  • sortBy parameter not interpreted correctly by back-end framework

    When allowing multiple sort columns in a grid, a request query string is constructed like this:
    (first sort field is number descending, second name ascending). My back-end (RubyOnRails) doesn't understand this. To have it retrieve an array, it should receive "_sortBy[]" twice. I believe PHP expects the same.

    Until now I've solved this by overriding transformRequest() in the data source and this might be the right way, but maybe there's an easier way? I will look into a solution in RubyOnRails also. My goal at the moment is to reduce my custom code as much as possible.