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    decimals in percentage size or position gets truncated

    Hello, I don't see it explicitly mentioned in the docs, but it seems that when using a percent size, if the percent has decimals (ie 33.33333...or 66.66666) they are truncated.

    Is this the case? Is it actually intentional? If yes, may I ask why?

    We do in fact truncate and only use the integral part of the percent. We actually wouldn't recommend using fractional percents as the browsers have enough errors with rounding as it stands - subpixel rendering and size reporting glitches appear with really trivial HTML - and using fractional percents would probably make those worse.

    However, if it's important to you for some reason, it would be a valid Feature Sponsorship, and not an especially large one, although there would be several different subsystems to upgrade (Canvas, DynamicForm, Layout, grid columns, etc).


      Thanks for the explanation, actually I noticed it while using it with snapTo (size and offset).
      Looking at the HTML I (wrongly) thought that the framework was going to calculate the pixel dimensions anyway, so I didn't understand why it couldn't calculate them exactly.
      In the end I used the exact dimensions in pixels.