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    12.0p+: Cube samples not localized

    Hi Isomorphic,

    in the Cube and Advanced Cube samples many of the controls and also time data are not localized.
    I mean texts like "January" and using US date formats in general in the display or "Row facets", "Add to Row facets", "Fix x value" as texts in the Advanced Cube controls.
    Tests online with current nightly (v12.0p_2021-05-13).

    Best regards

    We've added a bunch of new i18n attributes which make CubeGrids entirely localizable - the changes will be in today's builds of 13.0.

    However, note that we don't localize sample code itself - so, there's no date-localization because there are no actual dates in the sample, they're just strings - and the controls we show outside of the CubeGrid proper are just sample code and not localized.