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new posts miscellaneous issues

    1. There is no macroparameters for that rows:
    validator_mustBeGreaterThan: 'Должно быть не меньше'
    validator_mustBeLessThan: 'Должно быть не более чем'
    It 's must contains '$min' for 'validator_mustBeGreaterThan' and '$max' for 'validator_mustBeLessThan'
    see original file ''. And also 'Должно быть не меньше' shold by changes ro 'Должно быть не меньше чем'.
    As a results it's maybe as follows:
    validator_mustBeGreaterThan: 'Должно быть не меньше чем $min'
    validator_mustBeLessThan: 'Должно быть не более чем $max'

    2. Is seems "Empty" and "Null" translation in folow shold by changed in follow rows:
    operators_isBlankTitle: 'is blank',
    operators_isNullTitle: 'пусто',
    operators_notNullTitle: 'не пусто',
    operators_notBlankTitle: 'is not blank',

    As I understood it is translation of filter type of columns... and better translation is:
    operators_isBlankTitle: 'пусто',
    operators_isNullTitle: 'Не заполнено',
    operators_notNullTitle: 'Заполнено',
    operators_notBlankTitle: 'не пусто'

    Please see this thread for how to contribute improved translations.


      The new translations you added have been included for all builds dated June 25 and later.