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    Multiple Calendar events are getting superimposed

    SmartGWT version -
    Browser - Google Chrome Version 92.0.4515.107

    Created calendar event schedules for each day with start time as 7 AM and end time as 8 PM. There are around 8 events created with same data.
    But only event is visible in daily and weekly view of calendar. Remaining events got hidden.

    After investigation looks like there were some long events whose start time is SEP 2020 and end time is SEP 2021 resulting in hiding the current events.
    After deleting these obsolete events 7 AM schedules are visible.

    Could you please let us know what could be the issue?
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    Waiting for the response


      It's not clear what problem you're having, from your description.

      Please post some runnable test-code that shows the problem, including your Calendar settings and demonstration data-records.


        I created this sample schedules in GWT Show case to indicate how its supposed to work.

        I created 4 schedules with start time as 7 AM and end time as 8 PM. I am able to visualize all the events in daily and weekly view.

        But in my previous attachment in my application calendar view, event though events share the same start and end time, all the events are not visible as expected.

        Calendar widget configuration.

         public CalendarWidget(String width, String height) {
                calendar.setSize(width, height);
                importButton.setSize("50px", "21px");

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          We're still not certain, but the complaint seems to be that you had some long events and they caused other events to not show up?

          If so, vertical CalendarViews (day and week) don't currently support multi-day events - only Timelines do. But obviously, it should still behave well and events shouldn't disappear, so this could be a bug.

          However - your build is 14 months old, and there have been considerable enhancements and fixes to Calendar framework code since then.

          So, your first step is to test with the latest build of 12.0 from and let us know if you still see the problem.
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            Yes. There were some really long events and after deleting those events, schedules are showing up.

            Between I upgraded the jar to Still the issue is happening.


              Ok, we'll take a look and get back to you.


                Any tentative due dates, when will the issue be fixed?


                  It's assigned to be looked into - but, since you haven't provided a runnable test-case that shows the problem (you showed partial code and an image of there apparently NOT being a problem) and you don't currently have a support contract with us, this is somewhere down the list of priorities, unfortunately.


                    We've made a quick-fix which ought to address this issue - please retest with a build dated August 19 or later.

                    If you still see a problem, we will need to see full, runnable test-code, complete with the data-records necessary to show the problem, before we can take another look.
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                      Build would be available tomorrow? Which major version of smart gwt should I download?


                        Yes, new builds arrive around 12pm GMT.

                        On versions, your first link was to version 6.0, which is pretty old now - but you later noted that you'd updated to 12.0 - is that correct? If so, that's fine.

                        You should try to keep no more than a couple of versions behind, so we'd generally advise moving to 12.0 or 12.1, if that's something you're able to do.

                        In this case, you'll need 12.0 or higher, anyway, if you want this fix, because it hasn't been ported any further back, so far.


                          Tried with jar file. Still issue is happening


                            Ok - as we said in posts #3 and #10, we'll now need to see your standalone test-case that demonstrates the issue - then we can look into it.


                              I did not compile the GWT project properly with the latest jar. I recompiled once again. Now the events are not getting hidden.

                              Except the look and feel looks different over different months.

                              For August month, the vertical schedule bar looks thinner where there are other schedules which runs for the entire day.

                              But for January 2022, where there are no overlapping schedules it looks proper. Is this expected behaviour?

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