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  • Isomorphic
    Thanks for the notification
    When you click on a partially-0ut-of view row in a listGrid with the edit-event set to "click" we do indeed scroll the record so it's fully inside the viewport, and put focus into the edit item where the user clicked to start editing.

    It may be possible to make the scroll less of a jump - we take your point that the row doesn't need to be at the top of the viewport to be visible within it.
    We've forwarded this suggestion to our design team for review. We can't guarantee we'll make a change in this area, or give you an ETA but we appreciate the feedback and will review the behavior.

    Isomorphic Software

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  • Editable list grid scrolls abruptly to any location when a record is clicked.

    In a List grid when there are enough records that a vertical scroll appears, then clicking on the bottom rows of the grid makes the grid scroll abruptly.
    Like in this example the grid gets scrolled to the top probably to bring the record into the viewport,
    but in the case of large data, there is abrupt scrolling. Sometimes it scrolls to the top, sometimes just a bit of scrolling happens no fixed behavior.
    Is there any fix available for the same?
    steps to recreate :

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