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    Dragging multiple records in ListGrid can result in random ordering at their destination

    When I select two records in ListGrid and drag them they are placed at their destination in the order that they were selected.

    Example, using demo at
    1. Click on Japan, hold [Shift] and press [Up] to select also China
    2. Drag selection and drop anywhere in grid: dropped records are reordered from "China, Japan" to "Japan, China". Order also changes when I click on button that moves records to second grid.

    This doesn't happen when I select Japan and add China to selection while holding [Ctrl]. It's unintuitive for users and works inconsistently. I believe that dragging should preserve relative order of moved records.
    Last edited by Crack; 7 Sep 2021, 13:39.

    Hi Isomorphic,

    Can you check this issue? Will it be fixed or should I work around this in my code?


      Hello Crack,

      In your example, the user makes a special effort to select the records in a particular order. The fact that this results in preserving the order that the user chose is a useful feature, allowing the user to order records in the destination grid if they so choose (and if the grid is unsorted). We don't plan to remove this feature.

      If for some reason your end users find it surprising rather than helpful (which differs from our experience) you can just place a sort on the destination grid.


        In my case it's about rearranging elements in grid, which can change their relative order when they are moved, and users found this surprising.

        Thanks for clarifying, as this is a feature I will just sort moved items in recordDrop.