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    AdvancedCriteria comparing problem

    I encountered a problem while using AdvancedCriteria in column filtering.
    Upon entering a new value in the filter search, DataSource.js compares the new criteria and the old one (in compareCriteria function). And if they are equal no new search is done.
    But when the fields start/end are not changed, the function returns that the two criteria are equal even though the value is changed and the operator is not related to the end/start fields.
    The problem is solved only when start/end values are null.
    I am using 'v12.1p_2021-08-18/LGPL Development Only' version.

    It seems like you might be talking about DateRangeCriterion? Or did you mean another type of Criterion?

    compareCriteria does in fact compare start and end values so there's no obvious reason why you would think this method is flawed.

    Can you explain how some kind of problem can be reproduced here?