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    Dependency on commons-digester and commons-digester3 in 13.0p

    Hi Isomorphic,

    because of this post of yours I tried to run my project in 13.0p.
    Updating libs and in my build path and build scripts and making sure that all needed libs are there turned out to be more complicated than I thought.
    In the end I could solve everything, but found these issues / unclear points with the docs.

    In 12.1p you include commons-digester-1.0.jar in the download.
    In 13.0p you include commons-digester-1.0.jar and commons-digester3-3.2.jar in the download.

    The 13.0p JavaModuleDependencies-docs only mention commons-digester - as a requirement for Velocity tools. But as you are now including velocity-engine-core-2.3.jar in 13.0p
    instead of velocity-1.7.jar in 12.1p, one also has to use Velocity Tools 3.0 or better Velocity Tools 3.1.
    Both of these require commons-digester3, but don't require commons-digester.

    Could you update the docs and add this little "3" to commons-digester (I'm comparing docs with WinMerge and this little "3" would have helped me).
    Could you also check if you need commons-digester-1.0.jar for any other reason or if it can be removed from your download - it's not mentioned elsewhere in the docs.
    Additionally, very minor, the docs say "RESTHandler servlet servlet" (with the word servlet twice for freemarker and isomorphic_js_parser).

    Best regards

    Hi Isomorphic,

    could you have a look at this small docs issue and possibly remove the unneeded JAR?

    Best regards


      Thanks for pointing this out. You should find these updates in builds dated 1/19/2023 and later.

      For what it's worth, you might find that it's easier to use some sort of automated dependency management going forward, as recommended in recent versions of doc. See e.g.,