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    Calendar does not show events earlier than 12 (noon) on 1st of the month if that is a Sunday,

    I discovered an issue where if the 1st of the month is a Sunday, Oct 1st 2023 for example, any entries before 12 (noon) do not show up on the Calendar. You can reproduce this behaviour on your showcase.

    The week view you can see the 2 entries prior to 12 (noon) but on the Month view they do not appear.

    This only happens when the 1st of the Month is on a Sunday which happens for Oct 2023 and Sep 2024 for example.

    11am Calendar Event for Oct 1 2023
    Noon Event on Oct 1st 2023
    Week view on Oct 1st 2023
    Month View on Oct 2023
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    Last edited by stonebranch1; 26 Feb 2023, 10:41.

    Thanks for the report - this issue has been fixed for today's builds, dated February 27, and later ones.


      Wow. Thanks for the fast response. Much appreciated!